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The California Endowment’s #Health4All campaign is an effort to drive a dialog about providing a health care solution for the remaining uninsured.The Affordable Care Act is helping to expand access to care for millions of Californians.  However, 3-4 million will remain uninsured for a number of reasons, including 1 million Californians who will not be eligible to benefit from the health care law due to their immigration status. Inclusion and coverage of everyone is necessary for the Affordable Care Act to be successful.



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This would be Awsome!!!! If Californian Undocumented workers are being responsible in paying their taxes, which is known that ($2.7) of Tax money is from californian undocumented workers, I believe that they should have a right to afordable health care benefits!!!! They are the ones who work the hardest, and the ones who need it most because of work injuries!!! I support this Act 💯% 👍👌✌😊☺
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Why does Europe and Canada have a better Healthcare system than America? I believe that we are blessed that “The Doctors and Dr. Oz shows” are informing us of preventive, alternative, and holistic approaches to dealing with our health in America. Why are the people in poverty forced to suffer due to the other misguided human beings “IDEOLOGY”? I have only survived due to Prevention.com and their magazine issues. Also from Home Remedies, Alternative Medicine, and proper nutrition from Muscle & Fitness magazines, body fuel on Ion television, etc. Why can’t we get insurance that covers preventive, Contemporary Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, etc.? If we pay for PPO which is higher in cost, then we’ll have access to these services through Sutter Medical and Kaiser Medical. Howerver, Peralta Community College is offering some alternative health options like Acupuncture & Acupressure massage, etc. The Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences (www.acchs.edu) has helped tremendously while attending college and I will be trying Life Chiropractic College west (www.lifewest.edu) to help were other medical practices have failed. Don’t care to be poisoned with medications when there are “AlternativeMethodz” to dealing with our health… emulate: Oakland, California
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I have to go to work but would you please send me information to my e-mail, I just need insurance for my family including 2 college students but I do not want medical due to personal reasons, Thank you